Queen Chrissy

Cam sessions with me are a luxury. It will cost you to receive my undivided attention and get me in front of my webcam. My cam shows are limited to female domination and fetish, with no explicit action available. For an idea of my specialties, take a look at my clipstores.

Prebooked Sessions If you are dying to see me on cam you can prebook a Skype session by purchasing my Skype ID here or send a minimum $10 tribute via any of these methods with your ID attached and I will add you. Purchasing my ID does not entitle you to a show, nor to chit-chat with me outside of arranging said show. No-shows will not be rescheduled, and unused time will not rollover.

$100 minimum for prebooked sessions, paid via my accepted tribute payment methods. No Amazon, no PayPal, etc.

Pricing $10/minute for shows under 20 minutes
$7.50/minute for all shows 20 minutes and up

Time consuming outfit requests will have an appropriate charge for preparation. Niteflirt If you're a broke loser who can't handle the $100 minimum you can hope and pray that you catch my cam listing when it's on. I wouldn't hold your breath though, as I go weeks without ever turning it on.